Each projecting process is set upon a net of complementary competences and recognised specialists.
Small independent offices are then joined together in an organised framework, which allows a quick flexibility to answer to a wide range of different requests (visit the portfolio).
Our target is to provide high quality custom services by answering to each need in a specific way. We give high importance as well to keep in touch with the real world by sailing as much as possible on as many different boats as we can, keeping in touch with all the many construction techniques, and bringing these feedbacks and experiences to bear on our projects.
With the first project studied in 1983, the office celebrates its 25th year of experience.
Geneva's office
Portrait of Sebastien Schmidt

Sebastien Schmidt,
1962, scientific federal "maturité" and interior designer, diplomed from the école superieure d'arts appliques de Genève.

Portrait of Damien Cardenoso

Damien Cardenoso,
1976, architect ETS, diplomed from the école d'ingenieurs de Genève.

Portrait of Maryline Jacquet

Maryline Jacquet,
1976, administration and wisdom...

Photos © 2008 Loris von Siebenthal

with the extramuros partnership of...
complementary naval architects
When complexity of projects requests a reinforced and stronger power, we usually compose a specific design team. Our current or past partners are/were for instance Hughes de Turckheim, Duncan MacLane, Gilles Ollier, Jo Richards or Peter Van Oossanen. Projects up to end of 1992 have been realized jointly with Philippe Meier.
aero-hydro engineering
The appendages refinements and VPP works are usually proceed by specialists Paul Bogataj, Remi Laval-Jeantet, Sandrine Lescaudron or Peter Van Oossanen.
structural engineers
Finite element analysis, structural composite specification, structural metal definitions, consulting for punctual problems solving are usually under control of our regular partners dyne design engineering, SP Technologies or HDS Hervé Devaux.
computational fluid dynamics
Panel codes or Navier-Stokes computations are usually run for us by Mario Caponnetto and Rolla Research or the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, who are a great help to understand and refine hull shapes, to define the optimum propellers, etc, with their heavy computations facilities and specific competences.
material analysis
The material department of the école polytechnique federale de Lausanne is a great help to test structurally and chemically the samples builts in shipyard conditions. This chance provides a good level of reliability while using high tech materials.
3D geometry assistance
Photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning by Archeotech. Provides a high precision source while working on forms and dimensions taken up on existing boats.